Greek rowing athlete Anneta Kyridou accuses coach of sexual harassment

Greek rowing athlete Anneta Kyridou accuses coach of sexual harassment
Greek rowing athlete Anneta Kyridou accuses coach of sexual harassment
*Content warning: This story is about sexual harassment and assault. It may contain graphic descriptions and strong language, and may be confronting and disturbing.

More athletes are coming forward and speaking out about being victims of sexual harassment and assault in the past.

Greek rowing athlete Anneta Kyridou has accused the head coach of the Greek national team, Konstantinos Kontomanolis of indecent behaviour.

The 22-year-old claimed the coach would enter the rooms of the female athletes unannounced and see them half-naked.

Following her formal complaint, both Konstantinos Kontomanolis and another coach have been relieved from their coaching duties.

In her deposition, the 22-year-old athlete said that she had not spoken out about the situation because she feared being thrown off the team.

"What really matters, is a continuation of the work of Sofia Bekatorou, to eliminate the conditions that allow in the field of Greek sports arbitrariness, loss of education and exploitation of athletes, for a better future," she concluded.

Survey finds 65% of women in Greece have experienced sexual harassment

A recent survey conducted by Prorata found that 7 out of 10 women in Greece have been victim of sexual harassment or abuse.

This took place at work (58%), on the street (53%) in a house (35%), in an entertainment facility (30%), at school or university (28%) and on social media (23%).

Moreover, an overwhelming majority (87%) said that it is not “easy” or “not particular easy” for a victim to find justice.

The survey took place from January 22-24, with a sample of 1,115 people.

Additionally, 83% of respondents said said that a victim publicly denounces such an abuse “to prevent similar incidents in the future.” 55% believe that it aims “to punish the perpetrator” and 50% “to open a public debate.”

Olympic star Sofia Bekatorou reveals sex abuse after Sydney Olympics

 Olympic sailing champion Sofia Bekatorou accused a sporting official of sexually assaulting her in 1998 during preparations for the Sydney Games.

Bekatorou said the male official from the Hellenic Sailing Federation performed a “lewd act” after inviting her to his hotel room to discuss team preparations.

The athlete was 21 at the time. Bekatorou said she had made it clear that the act was not consensual, adding that she was left feeling “humiliated.”

This man, according to the testimony of the Olympian herself to the Prosecutor, is the current vice-president of EIO and Head of the Sports Office, Superintendent of Central Greece, Aristidis Adamopoulos.

Where to find support if you have been impacted by rape, sexual assault or domestic violence:
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