Made in Greece Satellites: The Greek company that manufactures satellites with Airbus

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The TRUTHS satellite (Traceable Radiometry Underpinning Terrestrial and Helio Studies), when put into orbit, will essentially be a laboratory in space to monitor the climate of our planet.

TRUTHS will measure key parameters affecting climate change, like the balance of solar radiation that reaches and remains on Earth.

The TRUTHS will carry an advanced hyperspectral sensor, a unique cryogenic solar absolute radiometer, as well as a state-of-the-art on-board calibration system.

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TRUTHS satellite.

Under the agreement, Planetek Hellas will support Airbus in defining high-level software operational requirements between space and ground segments, as well as in defining interfaces towards the ground segment of Phase A, Imerisia reported.

In Phase B1, Planetek Hellas will support Airbus in creating the prototype software architecture that will simulate the overall mission performance, but also satellite sensors.

"According to the current ESA schedule, the launch of the TRUTHS satellite will take place in six to eight years from now," said Maria Ieronymaki, software engineer and project manager for Planetek Hellas.

"Until then we will help simulate the operation of the satellite as if it were already in orbit many times to make sure that everything will work properly when it is about 600 kilometers away from Earth," she continued.

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"This is simply the part of the project that has been assigned to Planetek Hellas," Ieronymaki added.

The TRUTHS satellite is part of the ESA Earth Watch program and is an initiative of five member countries, with the largest contributor being the United Kingdom (85.5%), with Greece at 6.2%, Switzerland 5.6%, the Czech Republic 1.5% and Romania 1.2%.

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