February 5, Feast Day of Agia Agathi

February 5, Feast Day of Agia Agathi

February 5, Feast Day of Agia Agathi

On February 5, the Greek Orthodox Church commemorates the Feast Day of Agia Agathi (Αγία Αγάθη), who is the Patron Saint of breast cancer patients and is known for curing many people of the disease.

The Holy Virgin Martyr Agatha was the fifteen-year-old daughter of rich and respected Christian parents from the city of Palermo (formerly Panormos) in Sicily.

During the persecution under the emperor Decius (249-251), the city prefect of Catania, Quintianus, having heard about Agatha’s wealth and beauty, sent his soldiers after her to bring her to trial as a Christian.

At Catania, they housed the saint with a certain rich woman, who had five daughters. They all attempted to tempt Saint Agatha with fine clothes, amusements, and entertainment, urging her to offer sacrifice to the pagan gods, but the saint disdained all these things.

The more they tried to move her, the more resolute she became. She prayed that she might soon face martyrdom.

During her interrogation under Quintianus, the holy martyr was swayed neither by the flattery, nor by the threats, and she was subjected to cruel torments. They also tried to remove her breasts with metal tongs, and when this failed, they used knives. 

The holy Apostle Peter appeared to her in prison and healed her wounds. Saint Agatha was led to torture again, and Quintianus was astonished to see her completely healed, with no trace of cutting. Then the torture began once more.

At this moment an earthquake took place in the city, and many buildings were destroyed. Among those killed were two of Quintianus’s advisors.

The terrified inhabitants rushed to Quintianus, demanding an end to Agatha’s tortures. Fearing a revolt by the people, Quintianus sent Saint Agatha back to prison.

There martyr Agathi, offering thanks to God, peacefully surrendered her soul to the Lord.

Todais also the name day of Agathi and Agathos. Xronia Polla!
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