Turkish spy planes violate Greek airspace 31 times during Skyros 2021 exercise

Turkish CN-235 spy plane greek

The Turkish Air Force violated Greek airspace at a time when four French Rafale fighters were participating in the "Skyros 2021" exercises in the Aegean Sea, Proto Thema reported.

Four Turkish CN-235 spy planes flew over the Aegean and committed 31 violations against Greek airspace and broke air traffic rules four times in the Athens Flight Information Region.

The Turkish aircraft flew in the Northeast, Central and Southeast Aegean and according to the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, all cases were identified and intercepted in accordance with international rules and established practice.

Four Rafale fighter jets of the French Air Force have been at the Tanagra Airbase since yesterday, participating in the “Skyros 2021” exercise with Greece.

The exercise began on Tuesday and will end on Friday.

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Skyros 2021 exercises.

In addition to the French Rafale jets, the 114th Battle Wing with Mirage 2000 and F-16 fighter jets, as well as two A400M Atlas transports and an A330 MRTT aircraft of the French Air Force, are participating in Skyros 2021, as reported by Greek City Times.