Libya's former ambassador to Greece is now the interim president

Libyan Interim President Mohamed Menfi.

The chairman of the three-member Transitional Presidential Council of Libya, Mohamed Menfi, was elected during the UN-sponsored intergovernmental dialogue.

The former diplomat was for years his country's ambassador to Greece, but was deported in December 2019 after the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Government of National Accords signed an illegal memorandum with Turkey to steal Greek maritime space.

Libyan Interim President Mohamed Menfi.
Libyan Interim President Mohamed Menfi (John Liakos/InTime News via AP)

A congratulatory message for the election of a new transitional government in Libya, which will lead the country to elections by December, was made by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Mitsotakis stressed that the election of the government, which took place in Geneva, is "an important step towards peace."

"Congratulations to the new leadership. All actors should support the process towards democratic and free elections in December," he added.

Greece looks forward to establishing contacts with the new government as soon as it takes office in order to strengthen bilateral relations on the basis of international law.

As a member state of the European Union and NATO, Greece expressed its readiness to offer assistance to the North African country in order to contribute to the reconstruction of the war torn country and consolidate security.

The Greek Foreign Ministry emphasised that for the pacification and stabilisation of Libya, foreign troops, mostly Turkish-backed Syrian jihadists, need to be immediately withdrawn from the country.

Foreign Ministry sources, according to Proto Thema, commented on negative reports about the way the new president of Libya will govern and stressed that any commentators should not be in a hurry to draw conclusions.