Turkey-based human trafficking network shut down in Kos


An illegal immigrant with a fake rental lease, which allowed him to travel to the Greek mainland, was arrested last Tuesday in the Port of Kos by the Port Authority Security after arriving in Greece illegally from Turkey.

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Port of Kos.

This led to the dismantling of a local Kos branch of a network based in Turkey that facilitates the arrival of illegal immigrants to Greece, Proto Thema reported.

During an investigation it emerged that a hotel in Kos was used as a “safe house” to accommodate immigrants who had come illegally from Turkey.

The hotel also facilitated the supply of forged documents so illegal immigrants could move to the Greek mainland.

Confiscated items.

The 73-year-old owner of the hotel was also arrested.

Four illegal immigrants, who had in their possession fake European IDs and rental leases, were arrested.

Another illegal immigrant was arrested for having a fake lease. The illegal immigrant tried to travel by air to Athens.

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MP Emmanouil Konsolas.