Greek PM flouts lockdown on Ikaria

20210207 115258

Social media lit up after a local from the island of Ikaria posted the following photo on her Facebook

20210207 115258

“The prime minister and his entourage are eating on the veranda of the house of the MP from Samos,” the woman wrote.

The entourage was some 50 people, including two ministers and the General Secretary for Primary Health Care and dignitaries from Ikaria and neighbouring islands. Preparations for the event were ongoing since Thursday. The website reported and posted an exclusive video, showing the PM and his entourage entering the house accompanied by the sound of folk music.

‼ Πρωθυπουργός και Νέα Δημοκρατία είναι υπεράνω του νόμου. Συνωστισμός και φαγοπότια επιτρέπονται μόνο γι’ αυτούς.#Ικαρια

Posted by Κίνημα Αλλαγής on Saturday, February 6, 2021

PM Mitsotakis also visited the remote islands of Fournoi in the eastern Aegean Sea on Saturday to check with the vaccination program's progress. Elderly locals surrounded him with whom he exchanged warm covid friendly fist greetings and listened to Greek songs.

By Sunday, the Syriza leader and former prime minister Alexis Tsipras had also uploaded the video on his Instagram account, criticising the government for "Profound presumption and arrogance".Stefanidis, a cardiologist, acknowledged that a crowd had spontaneously assembled outside the building to see the prime minister "Up close" but insisted that during the brief time people were inside his home health protocols were upheld." During the meal all the measures were observed," he said, noting that the entourage not only dined outdoors but that the number of people around each table was strictly limited with mask-wearing studiously observed in between." I am sincerely sorry that the images and conditions, beyond the space where the prime minister was [and] where people had converged spontaneously to see him up close, were not correct."