Cyprus COVID-19 restrictions ease

Cyprus COVID-19 restrictions ease

Covid-19 restrictions ease in Cyprus as of today.

  • All private and public schools will reopen (for elementary students and third graders of high schools).
  • Shops and malls will reopen.
  • Archaeological sites and museums will reopen with protocols in place.
  • Betting shops will reopen, however no chairs or tables are allowed.
  • Churches and other religious sites are allowed to hold services with a maximum of 50 people.
  • Home visits are also allowed for four people instead of two.
  • Some sports activities can resume and training is allowed for five athletes including the coach in sports premises, parks and beaches.
  • Theatres and cinemas will reopen, with a maximum capacity of 50 people.

All employees who return to work as well as teachers and all athletes over 12 must have a negative rapid test. The test needs to be repeated weekly.

Cyprus SMS for movement categories:
  1. Going to the pharmacy, visit a doctor, give blood or for a COVID test or for vaccination
  2. Going to a supermarket to buy essential products, goods and services (groceries, food)
  3. Going to the bank when electronic transactions are not possible
  4. Absolutely necessary visits to a government office
  5. Going out to help others who are in need of assistance or are in isolation, including those under quarantine
  6. Going out for physical exercise, in groups of up to two, in your neighborhood
  7. Attending a ceremony or service (funeral, wedding, baptism/christening) if guests are first or second degree relatives in groups of up to ten individuals
  8. Any other reason for going outside that can be justified under the measures as described in the latest decree on movement restrictions