Greek chef Giorgos Tsoulis promotes the EU's ‘Taste the ocean’ campaign

Greek chef Giorgos Tsoulis promotes the EU's ‘Taste the ocean’ campaign

Greek chef Giorgos Tsoulis promotes the EU's ‘Taste the ocean’ campaign

'Taste The Ocean' is a campaign from the EU with top chefs across Europe, including Greece's Giorgos Tsoulis, encouraging consumers to buy and enjoy sustainable fish and seafood.

“This campaign comes at a time when fishermen and fish farmers are facing the economic repercussions of health measures linked to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, such as the closure of restaurants and catering services, which are the main points of purchase for their products,” the commission said.

Commenting on the initiative, European Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fisheries Virginijus Sinkevicius stressed that “empowering consumers is essential to ensure more sustainable habits.

“We want to educate consumers on the importance of individual fish choices for the health of the seas, while supporting sustainable fishing in our coastal areas,” he added.

The campaign will see the chefs sharing delicious seafood recipes on social media over the next three months.

"I recognise that we all have the responsibility to support sustainable fishing, which is a natural, public and renewable commodity," Tsoulis commented.

Who is Giorgos Tsoulis?

Tsoulis has been in charge of ‘running’ the kitchens as the Executive Chef of numerous award-winning and Michelin starred Greek restaurants.

He also shares his culinary skills on camera for the wider audience on some of Greece's’ (Mega, Alpha, Open TV) and Cyprus’ (Sigma TV) most popular TV shows.

The chef’s unique temperament and charismatic communication skills have enchanted his followers on all social media platforms, leading to a constant and steady increase not only in the number of followers but also in loyalty.

The chef has created a brand-new cooking studio in Melissia. Athens in a multi-use facility which is used to shoot his YouTube shows, photo shoots, workshops, food tastings and more. Currently, the Greek chef Giorgos Tsoulis is preparing his new cooking show for a top TV network in Greece.

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