14 Greek Airports get a makeover

14 Greek Airports get a makeover

14 Greek Airports get a makeover

Fourteen Greek airports have been redeveloped by Fraport Greece and are waiting for travellers to pass through them.

The development program started in April 2018, following the company’s concession for the management and development of 11 island and 3 mainland airports across the country.

The work at the airports did not stop during the summer months for the first three years (despite the high passenger traffic) and continued during the middle of the pandemic, overcoming the difficulties and the huge obstacles that arose.

In January 2021, Fraport Greece completed the projects at all 14 airports, earlier than the contractual deadline that was set for April 2021.

“The completion of this emblematic, 440-million-euro construction program on the dawn of 2021 fills me with pride and optimism. Our upgrading of the 14 regional airports during the last four years has given Greece 14 new, passenger-friendly airports,” Fraport Greece CEO Alexander Zinell said.

Specifically, Fraport Greece delivered five brand new terminals, expanded and modernised five existing terminals, and upgraded four other terminals.

The revamped airports will serve as a “catalyst” for re-starting the vital Greek tourism industry.

“I am confident that these new state-of-the-art airport facilities will fully welcome and satisfy travellers wishing to explore the beauties of this magnificent country,” he added.

Construction projects were first completed at the airports of Zakynthos, Chania (Crete) and Kavala.

The Greek Airports:


In Zakynthos, the terminal was renovated and remodelled, increasing the number of check-in counters by 35% and security checkpoints by 150%.


The terminal at Chania was completely modernised. The number of gates also increased by 25% and security checkpoints doubled.


Similar renovation works were carried out at Kavala’s Megas Alexandros Airport. The terminal was also expanded by more than 1,900sq.m.

14 Greek Airports get a makeover

Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport

It has been transformed into a totally different airport, almost double in size, with two terminals connected by an air bridge, a modern design in gray, brand new check-in areas, double departure gates, new restaurants and many additional facilities.

"With the new airport, Thessaloniki and the wider region of Macedonia now have a modern entrance gate," General Development manager of the company, George Velos said.

Kavala Airport

Kavala International Airport "Alexander the Great" expanded by 1,900 sq.m.

14 Greek Airports get a makeover

Kefalonia Airport

Kefalonia International Airport Anna Pollatou renovated 12 runways, improved ramp areas and installed new state-of-the-art baggage handling and security detection systems.


Aktion Airport serving Preveza and Lefkada, expanded by 2,500 sq.m. It now has 14 check-in counters, 7 departure gates and twice as many security checkpoints

14 Greek Airports get a makeover


Odysseas Elytis Airport in Mytilini has a new terminal with over 7,100 sq.m.


The airport terminal was modernized and expanded by over 1,500 sq.m. There has been an increase in the number of check-in counters, departure gates, security checkpoints.

Skiathos Airport

Skiathos Airport has expanded by 2,200 sq.m, and has been completely refurbished.

14 Greek Airports get a makeover

Mykonos Airport

The brand new and 50% larger Mykonos airport, combines Cycladic architecture with modern airport infrastructure. It now has more check-in counters and departure gates.


Rhodes airport has a completely different and upgraded image. There is now a larger check-in area, plus more security checkpoints and baggage belts.

14 Greek Airports get a makeover

Corfu Airport

Late last year, the Corfu Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport opened a new terminal with an area of ​​10,400 sq.m. It includes 28 check-in counters, 8 security checkpoints and 12 departure gates.

Construction works continue at the airports of Kos and Santorini, as well on the mainland at Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport.

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