Greece to face big chill from Medea weather system

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The Winter weather will be returning to Greece briefly next week, the national weather service said in an emergency bulletin Thursday.

Called “Medea,” the new weather system is expected to hit Greece on Saturday in the north part of the country before sweeping south and east with gale-force winds reaching speeds of up to 9 Beaufort at sea and temperatures 18-19 degrees colder than now.

Acropolis and snow. greece

Freezing conditions will prevail over a large part of the country and a total frost in the central and northern parts.

Dense snow will fall over the greater part of the country, even at very low altitudes, combined with strong northerly winds from Sunday.

Macedonia, Thessaly and central Greece are expected to bear the brunt.

However, Attica, the Peloponnese and some of the islands will also be affected by the system, which will hang around for over a week.

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