Up to 20% of Greeks say they will not receive COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 Greeks

According to the latest survey results by Focus Bari | YouGov regarding COVID-19 vaccines, 3% of Greeks say they have already received it, 3% say they have made an appointment to do so, and 31% state that "they will definitely get the vaccine."

As the researchers pointed out, 37% of Greeks are positive about the vaccine, a ratio that brings Greece to the penultimate position among 24 countries.

Greek Prime Minister receives second dose of covid-19 vaccine
Greek Prime Minister receives second dose of COVID-19 vaccine

The survey was conducted between February 9 and 10 and found that one in five Greeks answered "probably not" or "definitely not" when asked if they would receive the vaccine.

The rest of the research shows that:

  • 5% of Greeks say they have become ill from COVID-19 with no or very light symptoms, while 0.3% said the symptoms were heavy and were hospitalized.
  • 8% state that another member of their family has contracted COVID-19, while 85% say no to the question. 14% do not know if they have contracted the disease or not.
  • Those who are positive about the vaccine is significantly higher among men and older people 55+. Specifically, 44% of men and 30% of women say they will get the vaccine, as well as 48% of respondents aged 55 and over.

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