Moraitis School becomes the first school in the world to send a project to the Moon with SpaceX

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Moraitis School, from Psychiko, Athens, will become the first school in the world to send a project to the Moon, through an upcoming space mission of the American aerospace company SpaceX.

“We are about to start a unique journey and launch a new educational program on space exploration. Our school will be the first school in the world to send material to the Moon!” Moraitis School announced in a recent statement.


This exciting and pioneering project by the Greek school is part of the Moraitis Moon Landing program, which takes place in all grades of the school, from Grade 1 (age 6) up to the Senior year of high school (age 18), with hundreds of students participating.

The ambitious program started at the end of January 2021, and is expected to be completed by the end of March, when students will send all of their work and research findings to SpaceX in the United States.

Moraitis School projects for the moon landing program
Students of all ages at the Moraitis School in Athens have taken part in the Moraitis Moon Landing program and will be sending their projects to the Moon through SpaceX’s upcoming mission. Photo by Kathimerini Newspaper.

The initiative for the Moraitis Moon Landing program began after the exclusive collaboration between the Moraitis School and Galactic Legacy Labs LLC, an American 'space entertainment lab', that works closely with Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Galactic Legacy Labs aims to educate the public about space and familiarize people with the magic of the universe, not only in theory, but also on a practical level.

Additionally, the company’s latest project, called Lunarprise, has invested on the next unmanned mission of SpaceX to the Moon, and is planning to send a small “ark” of data, which will be recorded on nickel micro disks.

The data will include texts, images, personal testimonies and more, and will contain information about the Earth.

“Our school has secured the right to send material with this mission to the Moon through Galactic Legacy Labs and their program Lunarprise, which we are a part of, and of course SpaceX spaceships,” Moraitis School explained.

Moraitis School projects for the Moon landing
Photo by Kathimerini Newspaper

The aim of the curriculum is to introduce students to the historical, scientific, technological, and philosophical aspects of space exploration, and offer them the opportunity to get involved with one of the biggest projects in the world and one of the biggest companies in the world, SpaceX.

The scientific person in charge of the program is the astrophysicist and director of the Lyceum (High School) of Moraitis School, Dr. Loukas Moraitis, who coordinates the people in charge of the program and the groups of teachers.

“Space exploration is one of the most interesting ways for children to get closer to science and understand the power of the human will,” Dr. Moraitis said.

“Depending on their age and grade, students will explore the various aspects of this fascinating subject and will send their creations to the Moon.”

Through individual and group work, creative exercises, presentations and in-class or virtual discussions, children and teens will become familiar with scientific concepts and will learn skills that are necessary for space exploration, such as mental resilience and ingenuity.

“It is touching to think that at this time, when children – other than those in elementary school – are locked inside their homes due to the COVID pandemic and the lockdown restrictions, they have the ability to think that life does not stop on our planet, but it extends to space.”

“All students are very enthusiastic about this project and we cannot wait to see what they create,” Dr. Moraitis added.

Moraitis School
Moraitis School in Athens

The Moon, as the closest celestial body on earth, is a key trigger for man's quest and course in space.

This natural satellite of the earth diversified human thought and its conquest is one of the most important historical moments of mankind.

“Texts, photos and other visual material will travel to our neighbour planet, and will remain there in a form that will not be destroyed by time or weather and atmospheric conditions.

"So, we begin our journey to the Moon and the wonderful and mysterious world of space!”

Find out more about the Moraitis Moon landing program with SpaceX at Moraitis Moon

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