Macquarie Uni - 'Pathway Stories in Careers through Greek Language'

Macquarie Uni - 'Pathway Stories in Careers through Greek Language'

Macquarie Uni - 'Pathway Stories in Careers through Greek Language'

Last weekend, Macquarie University students and graduates shared their ‘pathway stories in careers through Greek language’.

The event which was organised by the Macquarie University Greek Studies Program and the University’s Greek Association (MUGA), was held ahead of International Greek Language Day.

An extensive list of guest speakers including the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs Secretary General Giannis Chrysoulakis, Consul General of Greece in Sydney Christos Karras and THI Australia representative George Giovas, spoke to participants from Australia and Greece.

Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Macquarie University Professor Panos Vlachopoulos, the Greek Studies Foundation President Theofilus Premetis, and Head of Macquarie University’s Modern Greek Studies Program Dr Patricia Koromvokis, was also in attendance.

“The goal of today’s event is not to promote the indisputable value of the Greek language but to answer tangible and crucial questions,” Dr Koromvokis said in her opening remarks.

Macquarie Uni - 'Pathway Stories in Careers through Greek Language'

On his part Mr Chrysoulakis stressed that “Modern Greek studies is a key part of a broader picture that reflects what Greece is today."

“I urge you to share with others the knowledge you have acquired during your studies because our modern world needs the Greek language and the Greek way of thinking,” he added.

Macquarie Uni - 'Pathway Stories in Careers through Greek Language'

Mr Karras also spoke at the online event: “A language is above all a way of thinking and a vision of life. This especially applies to the Greek language, which has an uninterrupted history of over 35 centuries and it has the longest documented history of any living Indo-European language."

“The Greek language is the mother of universal values ​​that give meaning to our existence and has added to the world words and concepts such as democracy, dialogue, philosophy, mathematics, architecture, theater.

"Greek language helps a deeper understanding of many other languages that have been influenced by Greek," he continued.

A number of Macquarie University students and graduates also had the platform to share their thoughts and experiences on how studying Greek language opened pathways into their careers. The overall message- A valuable asset.

Macquarie Uni - 'Pathway Stories in Careers through Greek Language'

“We feel proud and excited when we hear young people speaking so passionately about Greek studies,” Dr Koromvokis said.

To conclude the exciting and informative event, the Secretary General recited verses from Nikiforos Vrettakos poem ‘The Field of Words’.

Pathway stories in careers through Greek language

Our online event with the title 'Pathway stories in careers through Greek language' was a great success and we would like to warmly thank the distinguished speakers, Zetta Makri, Greek Deputy Minister for Primary, Secondary and Special Education John Chrysoulakis, Greek Secretary General for Public Diplomacy and Greeks Abroad Christos Karras, Consul General of Greece in Sydney Ass. Professor Panos Vlachopoulos, Associate Dean Quality & Standards, Faculty of Arts, Macquarie University George Giovas, Representative of The Hellenic Initiative - Australia and the guests and associations which honoured us with their participation,Dr Efrosini Deligianni, Lecturer of Greek studies at the School of Humanities and Languages, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, UNSWKatherine Lambros, President of SUGSAntigone Sarlas, President of UNSWand of course, the current and former students of the Modern Greek Studies of Macquarie University who were the protagonists of the event,Christina Koutsopoulou, Secondary School TeacherStephania Panos, ITNikolas Karakasis, CommerceGeorgia Apostolopoulos, Primary School TeacherKinstandinos Papoulidis, Secondary School TeacherOlivia Tzakοs, Speech PathologistFrancie Wilson, Translator NAATISam Giovas, International StudiesGeorge Svolos, Secondary School TeacherA further thanks goes to Patricia Koromvokis for organising and co-ordinating the event

Posted by MUGA - Macquarie University Greek Association on Wednesday, February 10, 2021

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