‘Stay Home’ with Melisses and their music (VIDEO)

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To keep fans entertained during the covid-19 pandemic, Melisses put on a special “Μένουμε Σπίτι” (Stay at home) performance.

During the current coronavirus pandemic, music can play an important role in improving your mood and lowering stress.

They performed our favourite hits including: «Μισή καρδιά», «Γιατί», «Viktoria», «Όλα μοιάζουν καλοκαίρι», «Κράτα τα μάτια σου κλειστά» and many more.

They were joined 'on stage' by Stamatis Gonidis, TAMTA, Mando, Toquel and Anastasios Rammos.

But the surprises did not stop there. Melisses performed their new single «Πού ‘ναι η αγάπη» (Where is the love) for the first time. A strong, erotic ballad that will surely touch your heart.

*Singing and dancing at home is encouraged*

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