Man arrested in Greece for slaughtering two cows in Russia 24 years ago

Greece two cows

Wanted for stealing and killing two cows 24 years ago in the Krasnodar region of Russia, a man was arrested in northern Greece, Eleftheros Typos reported.

According to the prosecution documents, it is alleged that in 1997, together with his accomplice, they stole "two dairy cows" from their owner, which they then "cut" and sold.

Following the 54-year-olds arrest in the city of Katerini, he was taken to the Thessaloniki Appellate Prosecutor's Office to initiate proceedings concerning Russia's request for extradition and trial in their country.

He allegedly declared ignorance to the incident, denying the acts attributed to him.

It was finally decided to release him on the condition of him being banned from leaving Greece until the Judicial Council decides whether to extradite him or not.

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