Turkish Defence Minister complains that Greece's rearmament program is "unfair"

Defence Minister Hulusi Akar

Irritation was once again expressed by Turkey's so-called Defence Minister, Hulusi Akar, who accused Greece of irresponsible statements and threats that increase tensions in the Aegean and disrupt regional peace, SKAI news reported.

Regarding Greece's armaments program, the so-called Defence Minister said it was "an unfair effort."

He added that Greece should avoid actions and statements that could create misunderstandings, ignoring endless threats from Turkey that includes the execution of Greek pilots or threats to arrest the Greek Consul General in Smyrna.

Regarding the Cyprus talks which will begin in the coming weeks, Turkey says that there is no other way out than a two-state solution, which of course is in complete contradiction with the UN Security Council resolutions and the decisions by the EU.

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