Over 700,000 Greeks receive COVID-19 vaccine

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Speaking about updates relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and the course of vaccinations, a Greek government spokeswoman said that the daily rate of infections is stabilising while the rate of vaccinations is increasing.

"The epidemiological burden in our country last week remained stable, with the rolling average amounting to 1,040 new cases per day with an average age of 44 years," said spokesperson Aristotelia Peloni.

"In other words, a stabilisation of the pandemic was observed in Attica - with the exception of Salamis and Trizinia - and the Rt fell below 1, which proves that the last measures have begun to pay off," the spokesperson continued.

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Greek nurses vaccinating an elderly woman.

"Stabilisation is also observed in Achaia and Thessaloniki," Peloni added.

Unfortunately, however, the mutated British strain is widely distributed in many parts of the Greek mainland, with more than 760 cases in 32 peripheral units.

The movement of the South African mutation in the Evosmos region is worrying, a fact that requires increased surveillance.

"Apart from the strict lockdown in this area, the tests for the timely tracking of the virus is also increasing," the Greek government spokesperson explained.

He stressed, however, that we must not forget that "the virus is here, its spread remains widespread and we must all observe the protection measures."

"We are going through the last mile of the marathon, we are continuing the defence, and at the same time we are intensifying the counterattack with 'Freedom' operation," he emphasised.

"During the day we will exceed 700,000 vaccinations and the rates are accelerating depending on the flows of vaccines that arrive in our country," Peloni explained.

"Already, as vaccination increases for those aged 75 and over, there is a decrease in new cases in this age group. And that's a very important and promising message," he said.

As he said: "It becomes obvious that as the vaccination progresses and our most vulnerable fellow human beings are protected, the number of patients who will develop a serious infection and will need treatment will decrease."

"It is noted that from Friday, the vaccination certificate is automatically issued through gov.gr for those who have received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine. From today it will be published through the KEP," he concluded.