Athens' third "Pocket Park" unveiled in Pangrati

Athens' third "Pocket Park" in Pangrati

Athens' third "Pocket Park" in Pangrati

Athens now has a third "Pocket Park" in the neighbourhood of Pangrati.

At 750 sq.m. of an abandoned plot of land, the Pangrati 'pocket park' is larger than the other two in Kypseli and Kolonos.

"The place of black and garbage is taken by green and life," Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis said.

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Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis.

It was was developed by the P&G company and the organization "Gi" (Earth), both participating in the City of Athens program "Adopt your city".

The new 'pocket park' now contains a total of 1,150 densely planted trees, including robinias (locust trees), birches, and native herbs.

According to the Municipality of Athens, the impressive number of different plants and their density contribute towards an ecosystem with benefits for the neighbourhood.

"Athens has been under a lot of pressure all these years, especially during the pandemic. We have put forward a plan that makes room for the Athenians. Space that we need for everyone to live with dignity in their neighbourhood," Bakoyannis added.

Most construction at the park used old railroad cross-ties, while a sustainable draining system draws excessive water, enriching the water table and watering trees.

Lighting is provided by independent photovoltaics, which collect solar energy and provide lighting with reduced glare through the the following morning.

In addition, the park has walking paths, benches and bicycle racks, and contains water sources for visitors, birds and small animals.

"Each corner should have its own breath, its own green reference point and, finally, to bring to light areas within the urban fabric that over time had become a burden for the neighbourhood," the Athens Mayor concluded.

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