Ada Nicodemou joins all-star reboot of ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Ada Nicodemou joins all-star reboot of 'Dancing with the Stars'

To the dance floor please… Ada Nicodemou and Aric Yegudkin.

Last week, the Home and Away star announced she’s participating in Channel 7’s ‘Dancing With The Stars: All Stars’.

She is also returning with her original dance partner Aric Yegudkin.

The powerhouse duo won the coveted Dancing With The Stars mirror ball trophy in 2005 on season three of the reality TV show.

“I basically told (Seven) that I wouldn’t do it without Aric,” Ada told The Daily Telegraph.

“But then I just thought: ‘You know what? Why not. It’s a challenge and that’s what life is all about at the end of the day. New challenges’.”

The other contestants for the All Stars series are:

  • Fifi Box
  • Tom Williams

* Stay tuned for more cast announcements

Dancing With The Stars: All Stars is coming soon to Channel 7 and 7 plus.

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