Greek Shipowners donate 22 ambulances to the Greek State

Greek Shipowners donate 22 ambulances to the Greek State

The Union of Greek Shipowners (EEE) donated 20 ambulances to the National Emergency Response Ambulance Center (EKAV) and another 2 to the Hellenic Police.

The announcement was made by Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias on Monday.

The gift through the EEE’s “SYN-ENOSIS” social welfare company, which was established in 2016, will significantly support Greece’s healthcare system, at an extremely critical time.

“EKAV’s intervention in the National Health System and in Public Health is crucial, as it is the first part of the system that comes in contact with patients,” Kikilias said.

“The employees of EKAV and all the employees of the National Health System do what is humanly possible to save human lives and the noble offer of SYN-ENOSIS contributes to this. It is a multilevel offer to the State and especially to the Ministry of Health,” he added.

On his part, the president of the union of Greek Shipowners Theodoros Veniamis stated: “Our decision to offer 22 modern and fully equipped ambulances, Peugeot brand Boxer model, is part of the actions we are implementing to support the National Health System.”

They will also have a power-assisted stretcher and a mechanically assisted patient transport seat.

“These improvement additions to the ambulances on offer enhance their operational capabilities, as they will minimize the stress on rescuers during their work, for the benefit of the patient as well,” he continued.

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