Survey reveals tourists see Athens as a COVID-safe destination

Survey reveals tourists see Athens as a COVID-safe destination

Survey reveals tourists see Athens as a COVID-safe destination

Athens exudes a unique charm and despite the covid-19 pandemic, visitors still recommend visiting the Greek capital.

According to ‘The Visitor Satisfaction and Hotel Performance’ survey by the Athens-Attica and Argosaronic Hoteliers Association, 43% of tourists who travelled to Athens last year said they chose it as a safe destination, a rate that climbs to 60% among the 18-25-year olds.

The visitors came mainly for holidays (at a rate of 75%) and felt safe (score 8+) on their trip.

They also revealed that they would return (97%), visit more archaeological sites/museums (77%) and would unreservedly recommend (98%).

The president of the Athens – Attica & Argosaronic Hoteliers Association, Lamprini Karanasiu-Zulovic said that “it is necessary to study very carefully all the new data that emerges… as we will need to compose their conclusions and take into account the real picture, which will determine any moves, choices and strategic decisions for the future.”

The survey further found that the pandemic did not have an impact on spending in the Greek capital, which ranged around the same amount as in 2018 and 2019 on a per-visitor basis, at €115 per person.

Despite the high satisfaction from tourists, the tourism demand in 2020 was exceptionally low. The loss of revenues in the Attica hotel market last year is estimated at €700 million.

On his part, the general secretary of the Athens Attica and Argosaronikos Hoteliers Association Eugenios Vasilikos stressed that “the public and the private sector more than ever are called to work together, to sit at the same table and solve the very serious problems that arise for tourism.”

“Tourism, however, must show resilience, patience, optimism and be shielded with the cooperation and assistance of the mechanisms and ‘tools’ of the state, making constructive use of the knowledge and experience of Greek tourism professionals,” he added.

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