European Space Agency adds Greek observatories to ambitious program

Helmos Observatory space

Two other Greek observatories have been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) for the ambitious "fibre in the sky" program.

This program is part of the broader strategy of Euro QCI (Quantum Communication Infrastructure) to develop secure, encrypted communications in the EU.

In a letter to the General Secretary of Telecommunications & Posts Thanasis Staveris, the Director Elodie Viau of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications of ESA, confirmed the use of the Helmos Observatory and Mount Cholomon.

Specifically at the Helmos Observatory, the Aristarchos telescope will be used.

Themis Paliouras (ThemisPal) Profile / 500px
Helmos Observatory.

The two space observatories will have new equipment that will allow data to be sent and received at ultra-high speeds using laser systems instead of radio waves.

It is noted that under the program, known as "fibre in the sky" (fibre optics in the sky), services provided include:

  • Interconnection and integration of satellite systems to the standard of interconnection achieved today in terrestrial fixed and mobile networks.
  • Support of terrestrial networks and provision of telecommunication services in large events that require strong telecommunications infrastructure (eg the Olympics) and in cases where there is a significant increase in the load on terrestrial networks.
  • Services for search and rescue operations and emergencies (eg natural disasters).
  • Coverage of remote areas with high-speed telecommunications services.
  • Remote control equipment located in places where coverage by terrestrial networks is not offered.
Helmos Observatory space
Helmos Observatory.

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