Former National Theatre director Lignadis will be detained until trial on Magistrate's order

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An investigating magistrate and the public prosecutor investigating the charges of child rape and molestation against former National Theatre artistic director and actor Dimitris Lignadis ruled early on Friday that he should be held in custody until trial.

Rape suspect Dimitris Lignadis prepares his defence from prison
Rape suspect Dimitris Lignadis.

The former artistic director, who concluded his testimony before a prosecutor on Thursday, has been held under arrest since Saturday evening.

He was detained after turning himself in at a police station in Athens on Saturday.

The former National Theatre director resigned on February 6 after reports suggesting he sexually harassed young actors, which he denied.

In his letter of resignation, which was made public by the Culture Ministry, he referred to a “toxic climate of rumours,” but didn’t say why if he was innocent that he was stepping down.

His lawyer, Nikos Georgouleas, said his client was unfairly targeted and vilified.

Director Lignadis arrested, charged with rape |
Dimitris Lignadis.

Since his resignation, posters with his photo have been plastered on bus stops in central Athens, warning that he will “pay for everything.”

“He feels like he’s in the eye of this storm, with new rumours coming out every day,” Georgouleas said that Lignadis was ready to “offer any explanations necessary” to prosecutors.

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