Cihat Yaycı "hits again": Çeşme incident gives Turkey the right to self-defence

Cihat Yaycı

Commenting on the alleged incident of "harassment" against the oceanographic Çeşme by four Greek F-16s, something the Greek Ministry of Defense denied, the theorist of Turkey's failed "Blue Homeland," retired Admiral Cihat Yaycı, spoke of a "Legal defence".

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Turkey's envisioned Blue Homeland that aims to steal Greek islands and maritime space.

Speaking to TGRT network, the former head of Turkey's General Staff Naval Forces and head of the Naval and Strategic Studies Center of the private Bahçeşehir Istanbul University, analysed the alleged incident in the central Aegean.

"They throw metal objects that we call 'chaf' on our ship. It is behavior that can give birth to the right of legal defense," he said.

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Cihat Yaycı.

"When the Greeks do it, we naturally accept it. But when we do such activity in international waters, the Greeks immediately harass and in fact this is something beyond harassment," the retired admiral continued.

"Apart from harassment, it is a hostile intention," he added.

Yaycı, who insists on the allegations of "harassment" even though there was a denial from Athens, claims that this is a "hostile move" by Greece.

"The equivalent in international law is called hostile intent. In fact, it is something that tends to be a hostile move, which is a harsher term," Yaycı said.

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