1630 new coronavirus cases, 29 more deaths, intubations at 379 for Greece

Greece imposes stricter covid lockdown on three west Attica municipalities

Day-to-day coronavirus infections cases are still high.

On Saturday when Greece’s health authorities announced 1630 new coronavirus cases and 29 deaths in the last 24 hours. The number of Covid-19 patients in intubation increased to 379.

The death toll has reached 6,468, and the total number of covid cases stand at 189,831.

The Civil Protection announced on Saturday evening total lockdown for the town of Malesina, Fthiotida, after Covid-19 tests earlier showed positivity of 10.4% and 40 new infections were confirmed.

Residents are allowed to exit their homes only for health reasons, supplies and to exercise and to walk their pets.The measure will remain in force from Feb 28 till March 8, 2021