A trip to Greece’s most beautiful waterfalls

waterfalls In Greece

Usually associated with beautiful beaches and islands, Greece is also together with Austria, the most mountainous country in Europe with mountain ranges and hills exceeding 70% of its total area.

In this complex terrain with the ravines of so many hundreds of mountains, the collision of large rocks and the erosion of surfaces over time have created a large number of waterfalls, both on mainland Greece and in the Greek islands.

waterfalls in Greece

Geologists have found that there are more than 100 waterfalls in Greece, which compose a landscape that stands out from the ordinary and creates exciting experiences in the natural environment of the country.

Here are some of the most famous and most beautiful waterfalls in Greece that nature lovers should visit in person:

Fonias Waterfalls, Samothrace (Καταρράκτες του Φονιά, Σαμοθράκη)

Fonias Waterfalls, Samothrace (Καταρράκτες του Φονιά, Σαμοθράκη) Lively nature, small streams, rivers, waterfalls and springs are just some of the natural features of Samothrace, an island full of positive energy that attracts all kinds of nature lovers.

This is where you will find the famous “Vathres” (which means pedestals), which are small natural pools in between the rocks and the mountains of the island, that have been formed by small waterfalls.

The waterfalls of Fonias are the most popular ones on the island, as they form a picturesque lake with crystal clear green waters, where visitors can relax or even swim.

Karanos, Edessa (Κάρανος, Έδεσσα)

Karanos, Edessa (Κάρανος, Έδεσσα) waterfalls in Greece

Waterfalls are the protagonists of the natural landscape of Edessa, the beautiful city of central Macedonia.

Almost all the waterfalls in the area are formed by the river Edessaios (also known as Vodas), which passes through the city and crosses various mountains and forests.

Waterfall Karanos is located within a green park in Edessa, which is full of 100-year-old platanus trees.

Its water falls from a 70-meters tall mountain, which is accessible to all visitors and hikers that wish to climb it and reach the beginning of the waterfall and see its connection to the river.

Polylimnio, Messinia (Πολυλίμνιο, Μεσσηνία)

Polylimnio, Messinia (Πολυλίμνιο, Μεσσηνία) waterfalls in Greece

 The prefecture of Messinia is famous for its rich history and its numerous archaeological sites and ancient Greek temples.

However, the area is equally famous for its natural beauty and coasts that feature some of the most stunning and most visited beaches in Greece.

Just outside the city of Kalamata, near the village of Haravgi, there is Polylimnio (poly=many, limnio=lake).

As its name suggests, Polylimnio is a complex of many lakes, which due to the uneven ground levels, compose a magnificent spectacle with multiple small waterfalls.

Visitors are able to swim in the lakes, but can also walk next to the small streams  created by the waterfalls, that cross through green forests and small parks.

Paleokarya Waterfall, Trikala (Καταρράκτης Παλαιοκαρυάς, Τρίκαλα)

Paleokarya Waterfall, Trikala (Καταρράκτης Παλαιοκαρυάς, Τρίκαλα) waterfalls in GreeceThe historical town of Trikala in Thessaly is famous for its unique traditional architecture, and its natural beauties.

Among them is the waterfall of Paleokarya, which is located within the gorge of the same name, and is surrounded by a stone bridge that was built in the 16th century.

Waterfalls and Lake Skra, Kilkis (Καταρράκτες και Λίμνη Σκρα, Κιλκίς)

Waterfalls and Lake Skra, Kilkis (Καταρράκτες και Λίμνη Σκρα, Κιλκίς)
Photo by Natura Graeca

 The beautiful complex of vertical and sloping waterfalls in Lake Skra is located in at the city of Kilkis, close to the historic village of Skra, which played a very important role during the 1821 Greek Revolution.

It is an ideal place for a day trip, a tour or a picnic in the forests, and perfect for the most daring rope dives in the clear emerald waters of the lake.

Tzoumerka Twin Waterfalls, Pindos Mountain Range (Δίδυμος Καταρράκτης Τζουμέρκων, Πίνδος)

Tzoumerka Twin Waterfalls, Pindos Mountain Range (Δίδυμος Καταρράκτης Τζουμέρκων, Πίνδος) At the peaks of the Athamanian mountains there are two impressive twin waterfalls that forcefully “throw” their rushing waters into lakes all year round.

The waterfalls are located near the settlement of Kriopigi, at an altitude of 1,360 meters and are two of the highest waterfalls in Greece.

Fracto Forest Waterfalls, Drama (Καταρράκτες Δάσους Φρακτού, Δράμα)

Fracto Forest Waterfalls, Drama (Καταρράκτες Δάσους Φρακτού, Δράμα)
Photo by My Greek Holiday

The Fracto Forest, located at the roots of Fracto Mountain in Drama, is home to five beautiful waterfalls that start from the mountain’s peaks and fall into numerous small lakes.

There, visitors can swim, but also visit the Baths of Thermia with its thermal spring waters.

Fracto Forest is also an important habitat for wild goats that are an endangered animal, and which can be seen strolling around near the waterfalls.

All photos from Click At Life (except where noted).

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