Greek PM: The war continues, but victory is now visible

Greek PM: The war continues, but victory is now visible

Greek PM: The war continues, but victory is now visible

Marking one year since the coronavirus broke out in Greece, PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis penned an article in the Saturday edition of Greek daily Ta Nea.

The first infection was reported on 26 February 2020.

In the article, Mitsotakis clarified that "the war continues", but "victory is now visible on the horizon."

"And it will come sooner if we are careful. If we draw strength from the many difficulties that lie behind us and walk these last steps that separate us from the spring of freedom with discipline."

He also underlined that the fight against the pandemic in Greece was complex as it erupted at the same time as Turkey's asymmetric invasion attempt and when the country aimed for strong economic growth.

"Therefore, all fronts were critical and overlapping. Because the refugee invasion was followed by Ankara's provocations in the Aegean and the Mediterranean. The health storm quickly turned into a financial threat. And it, in turn, spread as a social problem and a testing ground for the State as a whole," he wrote.

"Looking at yesterday, then, we could say that Greece successfully defended itself in the many and difficult times that besieged it."

Regarding government policy, Mitsotakis said it was drawn on many fronts, emphasising that what was achieved during the crisis is difficult to describe. "From digital development, teleworking, e-learning, to intangible but crucial values. (...) The state was, is and remains present."

The PM also stressed that the measures the government takes is "always based on pandemic data and the progress of vaccination efforts.

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