Halki is the next island to go "green"


Halki is said to be the next island that will be developed according to the model of Astypalea, ie a neutral environmental footprint, full energy autonomy and parallel penetration of electric propulsion in water and land transport.

After the Astypalea project, that resulted from an agreement between the Greek government and the Volkswagen group, a second attempt is being made to transform a Greek island in the Dodecanese into a green and smart one.

This new project related to Halki was at the centre of a meeting between the Minister of Energy Kostas Skrekas and a representative of interested companies and the French Ambassador to Greece.

The project is expected to proceed in collaboration with French companies Citroën, Vinci Energies and Akuo Energy Greece.

According to the official announcements made, the project in full development envisages the installation of a hybrid RES station and an energy storage station to create energy autonomy on the island, fully covering the needs of residents and businesses.

Akuo Energy will be in charge of energy installations (photovoltaic, storage).

Electric power infrastructure (chargers, etc.) but also smart electric lighting will be developed by Vinci Energie.

Citroën will have a role, among other things, in replacing cars with electric ones.

In addition, the project envisages the integration of intelligent lighting systems on the island, while for the first time part the electrification maritime transport to create a zero carbon footprint will occur.

In Halki, in addition to the hybrid electricity system, through this project, the electrification of the island's fleet is underway.

This includes the replacement of old vehicles with electric cars, motorcycles and bicycles and the creation of a local charging network, while the integration of a "smart" lighting systems of the island is also foreseen.


For his part, the French Ambassador expressed his full support for the successful implementation of the initiative, which, as he noted, is fully in line with the European Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative.

It is also a part of Europe's goals for sustainable growth by promoting "green" transport and a significant reduction in carbon footprint.

The islands of Kassos, Sifnos, Kythnos, Alonissos and others are also interested in such initiatives.

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