Greek military leadership has overhaul with spate of new promotions

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Changes have been made to the leadership of the Greek military, with several promotions being awarded.

The change and remaining figures in the Greek military leadership is as follows:

Chief of Staff: General Constantin Floros

General Konstantinos Floros.

Chief of Staff: Lieutenant Harry Lalousis

Chief Navy: Admiral Stelios Petrakis

Admiral Stelios Petrakis.

Chief of Air Staff: Lieutenant General George Blioumis

Commander 1st Army: Lieutenant General Petros Demestihas (until today commander of ASDEN)

Fleet Commander: Rear Admiral Panagiotis Lymperis (remaining)

Commander of the Tactical Air Force: Lieutenant General Themistoklis Bourolias (remaining)

Lieutenant General Angelos Houdeloudis (newly promoted)

Inspector of the Army Reorganization-Coordinator of the Special Warfare Command (DEP) - Faculty Commander (with its activation): Lieutenant General Georgios Tsitsikostis (with the new) Defense),

Deputy Chief of Staff: Lieutenant George Kellis (neoproachtheis)

commander III Corps / NRDC-GR: Lieutenant Anastasios Spanos (neoproachtheis)

Deputy Chief of General Staff: Vice Admiral John Drymousis (remaining)

Chief of Staff of Defense: Lieutenant General George Fasoula far commander RDI-neoproachtheis)

Chief of Staff Army: Lieutenant General Ioannis Papanagnostou (newly promoted)

Commander of ASDEN: Lieutenant General Nikolaos Flaris (until today Chief of General Staff) Army

Inspector General - Commander of the Doctrine of Training: Lieutenant General Angelos Ilaridis - Commander of the

General Staff Lieutenant Leonidas Kakavas (remaining)

Commander HNDC: Lieutenant Themistocles Grympiris (neoprachtheis)

Commander DDMN: Admiral George Bamplenis (remaining)

Inspector General Air Staff: Lieutenant General George Karadimas

Commander RDI: Lieutenant General George Vagenas (newly appointed - until today director of Division A of GEA).

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