Turkish analyst on CNN Türk: "We can enter Athens in 12 days, Thessaloniki in four"


An analyst speaking on Turkish television spoke of the supposed ease that the Turkish military will have in invading Greece.

"In four days we will enter Thessaloniki and in 12 we will enter Athens, " analyst Hakan Bayrakçı said confidently when speaking to CNN Türk about the two countries' military capabilities.

"To say that in case and for any reason that the Greek Armed Forces from any place, land or sea, attacks the Turkish Republic, they will not be able to advance 6km and will be destroyed and disappear," he said.

"But if they irritate us and I say this only comparatively, we will enter Thessaloniki in 4 days and Athens in 12 days, going up and down Greece," he added.

The news program discussed the developments in the East Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, including the start of the large Turkish military exercise dubbed "Blue Homeland."

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