CNN Türk: "One night all the Greek islands will become Turkish"

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The number of "experts" and "analysts" appearing on television, such as the likes of CNN Türk, with a hostile anti-Greek agenda is increasing in Turkey and often expressing theories that worsens the climate of relations with Greece.

The issue arises when such extremist views are hosted and broadcast on major television networks.

A recent case in point is the provocative statements made by Eray Güçler, a retired officer who currently teaches at a university and is considered a security expert in Turkey, during a television broadcast on CNN Türk.

Güçler attacked the U.S. for its strong military presence in the region of Thrace, especially in Alexandroupolis, which he characterised as "important" for Turkey.

Dr. Eray Güçlüer: Esir almalar önlenmek istenmedi, asıl hedef İran - Malatya Cadde Haber Gündem
Eray Güçler.

He stated specifically on CNN Türk: "Alexandroupolis is very important. Alexandroupolis in July 1920, when the Greek army invaded Turkey, was a place used as a main transportation point.

"In this sense it is a very convenient point. The establishment of a land and naval base in Alexandroupolis is not accidental.

"In addition to this, four more bases on mainland Greece and finally in Crete and Cyprus. Do you see when we ask 'why you make such large installations?', we are told that it is for Russia.

"So I ask where is Russia? Where is Russia here?

"Possibly from a strategic point of view, in the long run it is against Russia, but here in the first stage the target is Turkey", he said.

Analysing his theory of "encirclement" of Turkey by the U.S., Güçler went so far as to argue that American weapons in Alexandroupolis may in the future be directed against Turkey.

He also claimed that by order of Washington, Athens does not surrender the eight officers accused of involvement in the failed 2016 coup against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

"Some people think that 'we are members of NATO and we cannot be attacked,' but you can no longer think that. If there is armament here there is no guarantee as to where and to whom they will turn.

"There is no guarantee as to who and how they will shoot. They encircle, these are sieges, each of them has a meaning.

"We can think of it as a force that, in a way, aims at a potential conflict, at a general operation, to limit Turkey. At the moment, none of this poses an immediate threat to Turkey.

Eray Güçler on CNN Türk.
Eray Güçler on CNN Türk.

"Of course there is a bad choice here (…) See here even behind the concealment and protection in Greece of those coup plotters and traitors, the U.S. is behind everything," he said.

Although Güçler expressed concern about the U.S. presence in Thrace and the close Athens-Washington military cooperation, he provocatively stated that he did not consider them a threat to Turkey, which could "occupy" the Aegean islands in a night."

"Now if you ask me if I perceive this as a conventional threat against Turkey, no, I do not see it."

"To get into something like that, there is a Turkish proverb. 'You go for something better and you lose what you have, because in one night all the islands will pass to the side of Turkey'," he stressed on CNN Türk.

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