Dendias: Sanctions against Turkey to remain on the table

FM Dendias: US sanctions against Turkey were "necessary"

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias addressed the online Inter-Parliamentary Conference of the MED7 group of countries, where he stressed the need for sanctions against Turkey to remain on the table as a tool to prevent new provocative and illegal actions.

In any case, he stressed that this year's summit is of particular importance, given the developments in the Mediterranean region, referring, among other things, to the hybrid threats to the region, with the leading instrumentation of immigration from Turkey.

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias.
Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias.

In this context, he pointed out that a positive agenda of the European Union and Turkey can only be achieved if Ankara consistently demonstrates a constructive stance in the region in compliance with international law and Union criteria.

"It is necessary to keep on the table a specific package of sectoral targeted measures, ready to be imposed, as a tool to permanently prevent illegal and provocative behavior," Dendias said.

In addition, he argued that in order to achieve security, stability and co-operation in the Mediterranean region, it is necessary to resolve the Cyprus issue as soon as possible.

At the same time, Dendias made special mention of the collaborations that Athens has developed with other countries in the Eastern Mediterranean, forming both tripartite and multilateral schemes.

"These mechanisms are not directed against any other country," he said.

"They are open to all countries in the region. provided that they respect the principles of international law," the foreign minister continued.

Finally, the foreign minister noted that Greece wishes to organize the MED7 2021 Summit in Crete around the axes of security and sustainable development in the wider Mediterranean region.

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