Anniversary edition of Stratego board game commemorates the 1821 Greek Revolution

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The classic strategy board game Stratego will release in the coming days a special collector's edition for the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the 1821 Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Empire.

In this version of the board game released by the company ZITO of PSYCHOGIOS, the rules of the ORIGINAL version apply and the contents include:

  • Unique illustration on the board exclusively for this version.
  • Depictions of figures from the two opposing sides that starred in the Greek Revolution.
  • Partition for the setting up of the two armies with illustrations from scenes of the Greek Revolution.
  • Two folders with strategy proposals.
  • Instructions in Greek and English.


Stratego is a strategy game that belongs to the spiritual sports Olympiad cognition (Mind Sports Oympiad).

This is a two player game where opponents must develop a strategic plan on a 10 × 10 square board.


Each player controls 40 pawns representing officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers.

The object of the game is to conquer the enemy flag or capture so many enemy pawns that the opponent cannot make any new moves.


A typical Stratego game has an average of 381 moves, the number of seats allowed is 10115 and the number of possible games is 10535.

Stratego has more moves and more complexity than other known games, however one or more bad moves in the early stages of the game can hardly lead to batch loss.


In a similar form, Stratego first appeared in Europe before World War I as a game called "L'attaque," designed by the French Hermance Edan.

The modern game was made in the Netherlands by Jumbo Games and in 1961 was released in the U.S. by Milton Bradley (MB).

From then until today, it has fanatical followers of all ages and is considered worldwide a challenge to sharpen the mind.

Available here.

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