The list of 18 COVID-19 free Greek islands


There are not one or two, but 18 islands throughout Greece which are COVID-19 free and can already be considered as ideal travel destinations for the summer.

This is an informal list of islands, where either the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine has been given or the inhabitants are fully vaccinated.

The 10 islands, where the first dose has been made, are all under 1,000 inhabitants and will soon receive the second.

Then the government's planning is expected to proceed with the islands with up to 3,500 inhabitants and then islands with more than 3,500 inhabitants.

The islands in which the vaccination has been done with both doses are Kastelorizo, Meganisi, Oinousses, Fourni, Kalamos, Psara, Thymaina and Kastos.

COVID-19. Kastelli Blu SEA.
Kastelli Blu SEA.

The islands in which the vaccination has been done with one dose are Halki, Lipsi, Othonoi, Tilos, Arkoi, Mathraki, Gavdos, Nisyros, Agathonisi and Ereikoussa.

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Halki Island.

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