Athens responds to Turkey’s fake news of rapprochement with Cairo

Greek Foreign Ministry Turkey

Diplomatic sources respond to Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu’s allegations about Ankara’s rapprochement with Cairo over the demarcation of the maritime zones.

Greece is following with interest the statements by Çavuşoğlu about an alleged invitation by Egypt to delimit the Exclusive Economic Zone between the two countries.

According to the Arab media, Turkey did not receive the response they were hoping for.

The Egyptian Foreign Minister, as the same sources emphasise, stressed during the ministerial meeting of the Arab League that his country made every effort to consolidate security and peace in Libya.

FM Dendias with Egyptian counterpart Shoukry
FM Dendias with Egyptian counterpart Shoukry.

At the same time, he referred to the meeting of the Arab Ministerial Committee for the Monitoring of Turkish Interventions, which confirmed the categorical rejection of Turkish interventions in the region.

The Egyptian Foreign Minister, always according to the same sources, went on to say that undoubtedly these policies have only brought about the deepening of polarization and differences.

Referring to Syria, the Egyptian Foreign Minister said that the political solution must proceed together with the removal of all foreign forces from Syrian territory, starting with the Turkish occupation.

Diplomatic sources note that after the end of the Arab League ministerial meeting, the Secretary General of the Arab League and former Egyptian Foreign Minister referred to Turkey’s interventions in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iraq and the Caucasus.

They also highlighted Turkish delinquency against Greece and Cyprus.

There is also a direct reaction of the Turkish Foreign Minister, who rejected the decisions of the Arab League and at the same time referred to countries within the Arab League, which impose their views.

The communiqué, without naming these countries, apparently refers to Egypt, especially considering that, with the exception of one, all the Secretaries-General were Egyptian and the seat of the Organization was in Cairo.

Finally, diplomatic sources refer to an article in the Jerusalem Post, entitled: “Turkey tries insulting Egypt, Greece in imaginary maritime deal.”

Mitsotakis and El-Sisi discuss East Mediterranean cooperation, ends Turkish fake news speculation 3

The article refers to a series of Turkish publications that had been reproduced last December on a supposed Israel-Turkey agreement on the EEZ, which ignores Greece and Cyprus.

According to the Israeli newspaper, these reports are fake news, while in the same context it is noted that after the failure of this attempt by Ankara, Turkey was led to new “propaganda” articles about Cairo.

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