Athens desserts go viral on Instagram and TikTok

Pâtisseries in Athens have gone viral on social media for their unmatched taste and appearance. Photo by iEfimerida

Even though Athens has been quieter than ever over the past year, due to the restrictions introduced to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, the capital of Greece has not stopped being the epicentre of world news.

This time, Athens has gone viral on social media, specifically on Instagram and TikTok, not for its battle against COVID, neither for its number of vaccinations, but for its fantastic gourmet desserts that are unmatched both in taste and appearance.

Since the beginning of the lockdown measures, popular dessert places and pâtisseries in Athens, started offering delivery and store pick-up, options which were quite uncommon before the pandemic era.

Dessert lovers who have indulged in the creations of the Greek confectioners, shared photos of their desserts, starting a new trend, which quickly became viral not just in Greece, but also internationally.

“To say that Athens offers plentiful choices when it comes to desserts, would be an understatement.

“The Greek capital is full of unique dessert cafés and pâtisseries that can satisfy your sweet tooth, whether that be with traditional kataifi or with gourmet cheesecake, while vegan options are also unlimited,” TripAdvisor stated on its most recent blog post, highlighting the best dessert spots in Athens.

Berry Cake by Andreadakis Pastry
Berry Cake by Andreadakis Pastry desserts
Traditional Apple Pie by Ourse desserts
Traditional Apple Pie by Ourse
Paris Brest Dessert by Ourse

“These desserts deserve a place in our Instagram timelines,” said one user.

“I can’t believe these are real!” said another.

“I had this one today and I want some more,” commented a user on Instagram.

Several of the Athens pâtisseries also started sharing short videos with their pastry chefs creating their edible “pieces of art”, which started a trend among TikTok users who started – some less successfully – baking desserts and making funny how-to videos.

Making sweet creations. Photo by Choureal – Choux & Profiterole
The Donut Project. Photo by Sweetspoon Athens
Chocolate Heaven. Photo by Sweetspoon Athens

Whether you are looking for desserts and pâtisseries with a Parisian atmosphere and elegance, or you prefer vegan sweets with syrup, fruits and nuts, in Athens you will always find exactly what you are looking for.

The city’s hot spots are becoming and more and more popular internationally among tourists, who are looking forward to the end of the restrictions and the lift of the travel bans to complement their vacations in Greece with sweet temptations.

Vegan Mango-Orange-Lime Raw Cheesecake. Photo by Little Darling
Red Velvet Cake and Fruits delivery kit. Photo by Candy’s Caravan
Chocolate and Fruits delivery kit. Photo by Candy’s Caravan

Hans & Gretel, a dessert parlour serving up magical treats