Next exploratory contacts between Greece and Turkey are up in the air

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The exploratory contacts between Greece and Turkey remain up in the air despite Athens having long sent its proposals for a possible date in March.

As the representative of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs made clear on Friday, Greece is waiting on this issue.

At the same time, Greece is waiting for the report on Turkey by the EU High Representative, Josep Borrell, before the European Council.

Josep Borrell.
Josep Borrell.

Greece has requested that all Turkish provocations in the Eastern Mediterranean be recorded in the Borrell report.

Athens calls, among other things, for the prospect of action if Turkey continues its delinquency.

What does Turkey want to achieve?

For his part, the associate professor of Geopolitics of the Military School of Guards, Konstantinos Grivas, speaking to Sputnik Hellas, considers that the delays by the Turks are pretentious:

“Turkey uses the exploratory talks as a vehicle to carry out maneuvers. The aim is to facilitate its friends within the EU so that they do not impose sanctions which, in my opinion, will not come in anyway,” the professor emphasised.

Profile photo of Konstantinos Grivas
Konstantinos Grivas.

“Turkey is trying to send the message that Greece is not ready, but forced to try and approach it so that the anti-Turkish bow is not finally created around it,” he added.

“It is worth noting that the Athens is immersed in the illusion that there can be a Greek-Turkish dialogue, something we hope he will wake up to today,” Grivas said.

It is recalled that on January 25, the 61st round of exploratory contacts between Greece and Turkey began after a five-year break and at the invitation of Turkey.

Greece And Turkey Conclude First Round Of Exploratory Talks - Greek City Times
Exploratory Contacts from earlier this year.

The next meeting of the representatives of Greece and Turkey is expected in Athens as planned.

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