Kastellorizo is ready to receive tourists after all islanders receive COVID-19 vaccine

Kastellorizo: A tiny place, a huge history

Kastellorizo is being hailed a success for its vaccine rollout, becoming the first in Europe to be totally free of COVID-19.

It’s successfully inoculated all of its 520 residents against COVID-19, with first and second doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

Since last March, only one COVID-19 case has been detected on Kastellorizo.

The Greek government is trying to protect small islands that do not have large hospitals by vaccinating their whole populations first.

Greece’s strategy is, therefore, to make all small and remote areas COVID-19-free ahead of the summer.

They will promote this strategy internationally, with the hope of giving new acceleration to tourism.

Kastellorizo: A tiny place, a huge history
Blue cave in Kastellorizo.

Kastellorizo is a small, but magical Greek island located in the southeastern Mediterranean.

‘Megisti’ (meaning ‘biggest’ or ‘greatest’) as the island was once called, spans an area of 9 sq. km.

But do not let that fool you as it is a peaceful and alluring island that will surprise you with its hidden beauty.

Kastellorizo: A tiny place, a huge history

The island reached worldwide fame in 1991 after war comedy-drama film ‘Mediterraneo’, was shot on the island.

Mediterraneo (1991) - IMDb

The film which was directed by award-winning film director and screenwriter Gabriele Salvatore, won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1992.

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