"Lost" historic pot from Tatoi Palace has been located

"Lost" historic pot from Tatoi Palace has been located

"Lost" historic pot from Tatoi Palace has been located

Earlier this year, Greece's Culture Ministry announced plans to convert the 10,000-acre Tatoi Estate into an international tourist destination.

The Tatoi estate served as the home for the Greek royals for decades, but was abandoned in 1967 when the country was taken over by a military junta.

Recently, one of the "lost" historic pots which adorned the gardens of the Palace, was found.

It will be transferred to the laboratories of the Directorate for the Preservation of Ancient and Modern Monuments of Greece, for preservation.

Once the works at the former palace is completed, it will be returned with three other pots.

"Lost" historic pot from Tatoi Palace has been located

All the pots, which were made in Paris, bear the emblem of King George I of Greece and a cast of a lions head on the front face.

The pots were originally placed on either side of the staircase which now leads to the pool.

Two more similar pots are located in the first royal palace of modern Greece, which today houses the Hellenic Parliament.

According to historian Costas Stamatopoulos, four more pots are kept in the warehouses of the National History Museum (Old Parliament).

New exhibition for royal carriages as former Tatoi Royal Estate begins renovations

Along with numerous spaces within the royal estate and objects that belonged to the royal family, such as clothes, jewels, cars, and many other relics, restoration of the numerous royal carriages has already begun.

A large number of well-kept carriages were hosted at Voustasio (the royal stables) for a few decades, and were not accessible to the public.

Along with mechanical and agricultural equipment and vehicles that were stored in the same building, the royal carriages were used for the transportation of the royal family, the royal guard and their guests.

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