Turkish professor: Greece should be reminded of Turkey's power


A "reminder of power" should be made to Greece, provocatively argued Turkish professor Abdullah Ağar.

Commenting on the recent "Blue Homeland" military exercises in the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean, the former soldier who teaches at the private Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul said that it should be held at this time in order to remind Greece:

"of the strength of the state of the Turkish Republic, as well as the strength and capabilities of the Turkish army and fleet."

Speaking on television, Bahçeşehir University's retired Special Forces professor and author of nationalist books attacked Greece for seeking to overthrow the status quo in the Aegean with new equipment.


"This is not based on a just cause.

"In the Aegean, they [Greece] seeks and plays a number of games that can cause great tension and instability.

"Regarding them, they buys type 214 submarines and tries to make a big show to Turkey with them.

"On the other hand, they seek to get four new frigates.

"They are trying to buy a number of weapons from Israel.

"On the other hand, it buys the French Rafale aircraft.

"They are trying to set up an offensive force, an offensive force," he concluded.

Ağar is a lecturer at the private Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul, which in recent years has also operated the Center for Naval and Strategic Studies, headed by the former Chief of General Staff of the Turkish Navy, Cihat Yaycı.

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