Shots fired in the air by Turks in Evros, Greek authorities and Frontex on alert


Greek authorities and the European Border and Coast Guard (FRONTEX) forces are on alert after shots were fired in the air by Turks in Evros.

According to a correspondent at German newspaper Spiegel and confirmed by European Commission sources, there were at least two shootings in the air from the Turkish side of the border on March 5 and 7.

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In a Twitter post, Spiegel correspondent in Athens George Christidis said that this "is not an isolated incidence", which "are finally recorded by Greek and European officials".

"Shots have been fired in Evros upon sight of a FRONTEX patrol with German border guards in the early hours of Sunday, near Tychero village. This is not an isolated incidence, I am told by officials," he said.

"Officials in Greece and Warsaw say that lately Frontex officers have witnessed several people at the Turkish side of the border firing their weapons. Apparently they shoot in the air and no officers have been hurt," he added on another tweet.

"Nevertheless, increased safety measures are taken for the protection of personnel, including use of bullet of proof jackets. Frontex has deployed nearly 80 officers in Evros, 15 of them from Germany," the Spiegel reported said.

"Agency's director Fabrice Leggeri alerted EU Commission by letter over the weekend and will update Brussels of any escalation at the Greek-Turkish border," he concluded.

According to Greek media, Turkish soldiers fired into the air during joint patrols by Greek and German border guards.

Leggeri sent a letter to the Commission and its vice-president, Margaritis Schinas, denouncing the incidents.

At the same time, all those patrolling the area were ordered to wear bulletproof vests in an effort to protect the forces operating in the area.

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Fabrice Leggeri.

A source in the Commission, according to the OPEN television station, confirmed that there have been incidents of gunshots from the Turkish side.

The Turkish side appears annoyed by the strong presence of FRONTEX forces in Evros, while a new attempt to create images similar to those of last year is reported.

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