Kikilias: Greece has a huge advantage over the health systems of other countries

Greek health doctor

According to Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias, Greece has a "huge advantage" compared to the health systems of other countries.

"Greece has proven to have a huge comparative advantage over other countries' health systems with much better infrastructure and much more advanced management systems," he said.

He added that "the advantage is that people can do the impossible even in public health crises."

"In conditions of pressure and danger they work tirelessly day and night and cooperate successfully, from the top of the pyramid to the base", Kikilias continued.

Grèce : Kikilias, du basket au ministère de la Santé - L'Équipe Vassilis Kikilias
Vassilis Kikilias

The minister then underlined that the "findings of another public opinion poll in relation to the pandemic" which, as he writes, "show that the National Health System is a pillar of support for society and an institution that is trusted by two out of three citizens."

He added:

"A year after the biggest public health crisis that our country faced, as well as other countries in the world, in the middle of the third and worst wave of COVID-19, the trust of the citizens comes from the culmination of a huge effort which continues and intensifies."

Kikilias also referred to an ISA survey, according to which in September 2018, 50% of the surveyed doctors answered that the level of health benefits in Greece was "worse" than other European countries and 29% "equal."

Greek health doctor

In February 2021, in the corresponding survey, only 25% of respondents answered "worse".

Overall, doctors estimate that the Public Health system responded successfully by 92% (47% fully and 45% sufficiently).

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