Saudi Air Force arrives in Crete for joint military exercises

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In the context of the bilateral Military Cooperation between Greece and Saudi Arabia, the 115th Battalion of the Royal Air Force of Saudi Arabia arrived at Souda Air Base in Crete with six F-15C aircraft to conduct joint exercises with the Greek Armed Forces.

The RSAF fighter jets at Souda air base were welcomed by Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Greece, Dr. Saad Alammar.

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Some of the exercises will include complex air operations, such as achieving Air Superiority and how to protect/attack land and sea targets.

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This cooperation proves the continuous and deepening relations between the two countries, which is demonstrated by the recent placement of the Saudi Defence Attaché in Athens for the first time.

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The particularly important presence of the Saudi Armed Forces in Souda is added to, among others, the United Arab Emirates, France, the United States and Cyprus.


It also highlights the important role of Crete in consolidating security and stability in the wider region of the Central and Eastern Mediterranean, as well as the Middle East.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan described the joint military exercises as "regrettable."

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