Heroes of 1821 Greek Revolution immortalised in Kordelio-Evosmos Municipality


The Municipality of Kordelio-Evosmos in Thessaloniki is installing 21 new signs with the names of the heroes from the 1821 Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Empire.

The beginning was made with the nameplate of March 25, 1821, which was installed with the presence of the mayor, Kleanthi Mandalianou and the sponsor of the signs.

"The naming of streets and squares throughout the country is not only a simple utilitarian urban planning process, but also contributes greatly to the consolidation, promotion and preservation of our collective historical memory," said Mandalianou.

She emphasised that through this initiative, a tribute of memory and honor is paid to the heroes and heroines of the 1821 Greek Revolution.


Signs and other streets will bear the names of heroes such as:

  • Laskarina Bouboulinas
  • Mantos Mavrogenous
  • Papaflessas
  • Markou Botsaris
  • Andreas Miaoulis
  • Athanassiou Diakou
  • Kontantinou Kanaris and,
  • Rigas Feraitas.

The new signs will have the name of the hero or heroine, the date of birth and death, and a blue and white flag next to the dates 1821-2021.

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