Greek ID card holders can now use online portal.

Greek ID Card

Greek identity cardholders will notify the authorities of any potential card loss online through the government platform, starting on Tuesday.

After the online declaration is lodged, the appropriate police authority will cancel the missing card.
The holder’s account inbox will automatically receive an official statement confirming the loss until the ID card is replaced, which will also be visible to other government bodies.
After logging in, the holder will click on the “Everyday life of citizens” tab and then choose “Citizen details and identification papers” to submit the declaration.

The move is part of a more comprehensive government effort to digitize many processes and streamline civil services.

Also on on Tuesday the national communication register, the platform on which all individuals with a tax registration number (AFM) can register their communication details.

That means every registered taxpayer can record details such as their landline and cellphone numbers, and mail and email addresses on the platform managed by the General Secretariat of Public Administration Information Systems. The aim is to facilitate the provision of digital services to citizens through the single civil administration portal (, and to enhance security as it safeguards the identification of each user in their transactions with the state through two-factor authentication.

The cellphone number may be used as a second authentication method to send a single-use code number to the user for the latter to gain access to the state’s digital services that the government believes requires a higher level of security.

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