Greek shepherd gives emotional testimony about how illegal immigrants are slaughtering his flock

Greek shepherd

Greek shepherd Fotis Giounis lives near the large Mavrovouni (Kara Tepe) asylum camp on the island of Lesvos.

Recently, he was filmed giving an emotional testimony, explaining how illegal immigrants are constantly stealing and butchering his animals.

“My mother has never seen me crying about these things,” Giounis said. “I created all this (by selling milk) with a bicycle. I was living five months in a tent, and they destroy everything in two hours.”

Greek shepherd

“I don’t want to be given animals or reparations. I want my peacefulness, to be able to go home and not worry,” he continued.

“We shepherds cannot migrate,” he stressed.

“All this happened because I went home for three hours, I cannot go home anymore,” Giounis said.

The shepherd then explained that he went home for just a few hours but found five more animals from his herd were butchered on his return.

15 more were killed in the previous week.

“They [migrants] get welfare. How am I supposed to live? A whole flock is butchered,” he explained.

In a previous interview, Giounis highlighted that “groups of armed people are wandering here in the mountains, looking for our farms – and apparently they are familiar with the use of knives.”

He also questioned why hundreds of kilograms of meat were able to enter the camp without question.

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