Turkish media outraged by Greek military exercises in Chios

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An article in Kemalist Turkish newspaper Sözcü, entitled: "Greek challenge: Military exercises on the border with Turkey," is protesting against military exercises that took place on Chios.

"Greece is increasing, tensions in the eastern Mediterranean by holding military exercises on the island of Chios, located 7.5 km from the border with Turkey," noted the report,

The report falsely added that Athens "violates the rules of Treaty of Lausanne" with this exercise.

Sözcü also refers to Greece's joint military exercises with Saudi Arabia in the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as with France, the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

"Six fighter jets belonging to Saudi Arabia for this exercise were deployed at the Souda Military Base on the island of Crete," noted the article.

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The Turkish Milliyet newspaper, in an article entitled "Four countries took action against Turkey," also made reference to this.

It noted that Greece, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States "see Turkey increasingly competitive in the Mediterranean and take action."

"American and Greek fighter jets took off at the same time, the fleet led by the air carrier, challenged Greece to participate.

"Six F-15s belonging to Saudi Arabia, which stands on the side of Athens, landed in Crete.

"The Israeli army, on the other hand, has declared war on the Eastern Mediterranean with scandalous statements," Milliyet reported.

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