Support Penelope Katsavos' Recovery


Update on Penelope, the 78-year-old woman who was the victim of a vicious attack on the stairs outside Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox church in South Yarra last week.

Greek City Times reached out to Penelope’s son Evri Katsavos with well wishes on behalf of our global Greek community who overwhelmed us with well wishes, requests to donate and offers to volunteer to help with her church work.

Evri Katsavos spoke to GCT and thanked the Greek community for their support.

“It really shows how overwhelming the world is filled with beautiful people. We appreciate the support of Greek City Times and your help to spread our story," Evri said.

Penelope KatsavosHe went on to say, “We have decided to set up a Go Fund Me account for our mother, as just like your audience ,we felt so helpless and sick to the stomach.

"The only way we could think to help was to go to the media so that the person would be held accountable.

"Now that we have seen pictures of the man, it is a harrowing feeling because we wonder how was he hurt that he could in turn hurt our beautiful mother so viciously?”

Instead of anger, the family expressed sadness and think that they may be able to “make some good come from this bad situation by being able to donate to some charities or inspire some people to help our older generation in their local parishes”.

The Go Fund Me page set up by the family with its modest $1,000 target reads:

"We understand that people would like to have a way to show their support and so we have set up this page for her.

She is a devout Greek Orthodox woman and does not want to gain financially from what has happened to her. We will use any money donated to purchase the disability aids that the hospital has loaned her for 6 weeks or things that she may need to alter around her house to allow her to live as independently as possible with her injuries. Any money above that will be donated to charities that she chooses.

We would also like to encourage people, in lieu of donating, to be inspired by her devotion to her church and to volunteer and get involved at your parish if you are able to and support and learn from our older generation. "

Penelope Katsavos

Penelope’s son also provided GCT with an update on his mother's progress, explaining that the family was able to bring her home yesterday under a ‘hospital at home’ plan, whereby the medical staff of The Alfred Hospital will visit Penelope at home and attend to her medical and physical care and recovery.

“She is comfortable and her pain is well managed. She is so happy to be back with her beloved husband Thomas and surrounded by her family. Her physical injuries will take time to heal but her spirit is strong”.

Evri also informed us that his mother was overcome with emotion upon receiving the most beautiful flowers and personal card from Archbishop Makarios of Australia and how humbled she is from the outpouring of love and prayers she is receiving from around the world.

“She is looking forward to having quiet time with immediate family while she recovers”.

Below is the link for Penelope Katsavos’ Go Fund Me page.

The family says," One well wisher sent us their favourite bible verse Philippians 4:13 “I Can Do All Things Through Christ, Who Strengthens Me”. This struck a chord with us because we believe our mother is recovering amazingly from this because she holds so strong to her faith that she is not afraid because God is always with her."

GCT and our followers worldwide wish Penelope a speedy recovery.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or make a report at

Grandmother who was viciously attacked outside her church may never recover from the injuries