Kostis Savvidakis talks exclusively to Greek City Times about his career and his role in the popular Greek TV Show “Agries Melisses”

Kostis Savvidakis

Kostis Savvidakis was born in Rhodes. He is a Founding Member of the theatre “ΣΥΝ ΚΑΤΙ” (Sin Kati). He has starred in more than ten commercials, has been an Assistant Director and Production Manager to the director Konstantinos Konstantopoulos in projects such as “Meta tin Varkiza”, “Platonos Apologia Sokratous, “To Alfanitari ton Astron” and many more.

Kostis Savvidakis

At which moment in your life did you decide to become an actor?

I was young, around 7 years old, I saw a play and well that was it. I said to myself that I want to be an actor! As long as I can remember I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Do you think it’s magical for someone to be an actor?

It could be, and it would be perfect! I would say that magic is the result of any collaboration, if you are dealing with the right collaborators, and if they know the art - well, there, then… yes, the result is magical ...

Were you forced to do some other work at times when as an actor the options were limited?

Of course, and in fact many!

From waiter to bartender, from car wash to gas station, from car painter to production assistant, and many other jobs, and I'm not ashamed of that.

After all, work is not something to be ashamed of - it is a shame to be lazy.

Does an actor dream of roles and/or collaborations?

He dreams of roles and collaborations, but he has other dreams as well!

The only thing that changes in our dreams is our age.

At every age that one dreams, one dreams of different things.

You have other dreams at 20, others at 30, others at 50.

However, they do not cease to be dreams.

How did your collaboration in the show “Agries Melisses” come about?

I learned that they were looking for actors, and I spoke with the casting director Miranda Roustanti.

I went through four castings, like most of the other actors, and I was chosen for the role of Papa-Grigoris!

Kostis Savvidakis

How does your role develop in Agries Melisses and what is your relationship with religion?

My relationship with religion is excellent! As for the development and progression of the role, honestly…I do not know where our screenwriters Melina Tsampani and Petros Kalkovalis intend to take him - but if I had known, I would not have told you.

Can you tell us the names of two old actors you admire and the names of two young actors who you think may have potential to develop in the field of acting?

We have a lot of good young and old actors, and it's hard to pick. And I'm sure I would do a lot of injustice if I do name some. But I will, however, give you an answer.

Lyda Protopsalti and Angelos Antonopoulos, from previous generations I admire, and from the new colleagues I will dare to say Amalia Kavali and Vangelis Alexandris, the Vamvakas couple in "Agries Melisses", who are of course not young in the industry, but the world has loved them now, knowing them from these roles. 

I will ask you a common but interesting question to our readers: What do you prefer theatre, cinema or television and why?

I will give you exactly the same answer I always give…All three, but I would say them in order of priority: 1) the cinema, because the big screen can take you everywhere. 2) the television, because it gives you the opportunity to dig into the houses and become a family with the viewers. 3) the theatre, because there you feel the audience, and while you perform the same show, every night is different, and that is its magic.

Acting is an art. Describe to me what art is for you?

Art, for me, I would say is our own life, the day that dawns, the sun that rises, the rain, the snow, nature, all that… THESE are ART.

What is the main characteristic of your personality?

I would say that I am positive, well-meaning, optimistic, but…if I realise that you do not respect me, or that you are going to bring me harm…then, for your own good, it would be good to leave… 

What is the main flaw of your personality and how does it evolve so that it can become an asset?

From a young age, I was very ashamed to speak up, and this continued later in life.

In the process, I realised that everyone wanted and wants to talk, but… no one wants to hear!

I think I managed to become a good listener - I learned… to listen.

What do you consider your biggest success?

My biggest success, I would say, is my choices in the people I decided to spend time with, and we co-decided to get together in recent years.

It is nice to have people next to you who support you and understand you - it is luck and a blessing.

Were there failures that made you stronger or more vulnerable to tackle situations?

Yes, enough, both personally and professionally. But, every failure must give us the strength and courage to step on our feet again. We learn from our mistakes, and life goes on, it does not wait for us.

I know you have participated in several award-winning films, tell us a few words.

I will tell you again exactly what I said in other interviews on this question, not because I have nothing else to say, but because in some questions, the answers should be the same.

The films, are: "To Deipno tou Voskou" by Giannis Stravolaimos, "Tisis" by Georgios Evangelopoulos, and "Exoria - Exile" by Vassilis Mazomenos.

Just before Easter the movie “To deipno tou Voskou” will be released, where I play a shepherd who has grown up in the mountains. He is a benevolent character, a pure man, without cunning or malice in him. At some point, after a sermon in the church, (to which he has gone for the first time) he decides to go to find God and Paradise.

The rest I will let you see on the big screen.

Jesus is played by the wonderful Theo Theodoridis. The scriptwriter and director are Giannis Stravolaimos, the director of photography is Giannis Kassis, and the producers are Konstantinos Gourgiotis and Giannis Stravolaimos.

"To Deipno tou Voskou" has won more than 25 awards at international film festivals.

As for the movie "Tisis" it is a movie, with fairies, elves, mortals and immortals!

The script, the direction, and all the responsibility of the production is by George Evangelopoulos. Starring George Voulgaris, me (here I play the King of the Immortals), Chryssa Markata, and in a surprise role Maria Aliferi.

We will see this movie in theatres, God willing, at the end of 2021.

"Exoria - Exile" is a film by Vassilis Mazomenos, which has already begun its journey at the 60th Thessaloniki Film Festival.

On November 28, 2019, it was presented at the 32nd Panorama of European Cinema, and will continue its journey to several festivals abroad.

From the end of 2021, it will be released in cinemas all over Greece.

Here I play Paris, a 'mysterious' guy who sells and buys antiques and stolen items.

Paris's meeting with Aris (Stefanos Kakavoulis) will lead the hero to other adventures.

And lastly, the award-winning short film by George Leontakianakos "Me Alla Matia" which so far, has won over 106 awards at international film festivals.

Kostis Savvidakis

Is the life of an actor only work commitments or are there personal moments in a day as well?

Of course, there are also personal moments, it would be a great shame if they did not exist. 

Do you have a dream, either professionally or personally, that you want to achieve?

I have many, but I have learned in my life to do them first, and then to share them, so you will learn them in time.

How does an artist like you see the current social situation?

Unacceptable. Inhuman. Infamous.

If you were asked to choose which category of volunteering would you participate in?

In what has to do with helpless people and animals.

But on private initiative. Because I consider the big organisations a great mockery!

They are quick to ask for volunteers to offer their work, but all that these organisations really want is to fill their pockets.

Do you think that people who love animals are more sensitive?

I believe that people who love and respect themselves are first and foremost people, and then everything else.

So, if we love and respect ourselves, then yes, we can love and respect both animals and our fellow human beings.

What is your favourite personal mantra?

“Every obstacle is a lesson”

Kostis Savvidakis

Special thanks to Athina Sirmanoglou (translation) and Kanella Vollari (guest contact)

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